Youthpass for all!

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Recognition of learning, focusing on inclusion groups

Youthpass offers young people, youth workers and youth leaders an exciting way to recognise, understand, document and demonstrate the learning that takes place within European youth activities. A thorough introduction to Youthpass can be found in The Youthpass Guide (

The Guide explains the evolution of Youthpass as well as its place within the larger context of non-formal learning. The Guide also includes an in-depth explanation of the eight Key Competences and how these relate to specifi c Youth in Action activities.

The fi rst years of experience with Youthpass have shown that while this tool offers tremendous potential, it is not always easy to implement. Some young people, and particularly those from fewer-opportunity backgrounds, may not have the experience, maturity or cognitive skills needed to recognise or understand their own learning processes. These young people need extra support in the Youthpass process... but how, specifi cally, can this be done?